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Veterinary Student Externships

Rood & Riddle offers to veterinary students an externship program that provides a clinical experience to satisfy the externship requirements for their degree. As a private clinic the amount of actual "hands-on” experience is limited. However, there is an enormous amount of information to be gained by observation and exposure to our heavy caseload. Clinicians, interns and technicians make every effort to explain hospital cases and procedures whenever possible. Externs work with hospital clinicians or ambulatory practitioners on a rotational basis. Externs have the opportunity to observe equine specialists in surgery, anesthesiology, internal medicine, cardiology, ophthalmology, podiatry and reproduction.

Limited on-site housing is provided at no cost to the student, and must be reserved when scheduling an externship. Externs may stay up to 3 weeks. Externs are scheduled to rotate through the surgery, internal medicine, theriogenology, and ambulatory services, but may request an emphasis on one particular area, if desired.

To request an externship application or for additional information, please contact us at externships@roodandriddle.com. The student must also have a letter of reference from a professor sent to Starlee Smith at ssmith@roodandriddle.com. After the reference letter and applications are received, externships are approved and notifications and date confirmations sent to students.

Veterinary Technician Externships

Rood & Riddle offers an externship program for students enrolled in accredited Veterinary Technician curriculums. The program is designed to provide students an off campus experience under the supervision of a licensed veterinary technician. A period of clinical experience introduces the veterinary technician student to the various daily activities of an equine veterinary technician in the workplace. Students rotate through all areas of the hospital including radiology, surgery, medicine, reproduction, laboratory and ambulatory practice. Time frames are arranged on an individual basis to fit each students needs and schedules.

The externship is mainly observation based with some hands on experience when the situation permits. Faculty from the respective colleges monitor the clinical affiliation via phone or visits on a regular basis throughout the program. Limited on-site housing is provided at no cost to the student, and must be reserved when scheduling an externship. If you are interested in an externship please contact Sheri Miller, RVT at (859) 233-0371 or by e-mail at smiller@roodandriddle.com.

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