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Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital’s veterinary internship program was established in 1986. The practice currently offers 8 hospital and 5 ambulatory internships. In addition, Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Saratoga offers 2 hospital internships. These internships are intended to provide each intern with the foundation to pursue a residency program or enter private practice.

The hospital interns rotate through the surgery, medicine, and anesthesia services. Primary responsibilities will include diagnostics and care of hospital patients, emergency duty, anesthesia, imaging, assisting with lameness exams, and assisting with surgery and medicine procedures.

The ambulatory interns work primarily with the more senior ambulatory practitioners, but also with the other ambulatory practitioners. The interns will assist and observe routine reproductive work, neonatal and foal evaluations, basic lameness exams, radiology, purchase exams and sales work. They will also rotate on emergency duty. Ambulatory interns are encouraged to follow their referral cases to the hospital for workups.

The interns are encouraged to participate in retrospective studies based on the Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital?s caseload. Many interns have presented the results of these studies at the AAEP, ACVS Symposium and other national meetings. In addition, those who have completed the internship program will be welcomed back during their residency program, if desired, to increase their clinical case experience.

Since the internship program commenced, 279 veterinarians have completed the program. Our interns are a diverse group having come from every veterinary school in the United States, 5 veterinary schools in Canada and the Caribbean, and from 13 other foreign veterinary schools. They have contributed to equine veterinary medicine by filling positions in private practice, universities, industry, and the military. Many interns have pursued residency training and become board certified specialists. Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital Intern Alumni have earned diplomate status from 9 specialty colleges including ACVS, ACVIM, ACVECC, ACT, ACVA, ACVO, ACVR, ABVP, ACVSMR.

A recent survey sent to 71 Rood and Riddle intern alumni from the last six years, garnered 58 responses. When asked if they would recommend the internship to others with similar career goals, 90% listed a positive or strongly positive response. Another question asked was whether the internship was consistent with its description on the RREH website. This yielded a 96% positive or strongly positive response.

The results of this survey support the goals and intent of our internship programs. The experiences gained during the first year out of school provide an important foundation upon which to build your career. Contact information for any of our past or current hospital or ambulatory interns can be provided, if desired.

Internships are salaried positions, with benefits including health insurance, professional liability insurance, 1 week paid vacation, and expenses paid for one approved veterinary conference. For specific details on salary, benefits, and additional information, please see our internship program listing posted in Avenues on the American Association of Equine Practitioners website

Internships are for one year and run from June to June. Applications are accepted in the fall of each year. Application deadline falls on October 25, for internships beginning the following year in May/June. Notification of acceptance is in early November.

To apply for a Hospital or Ambulatory internship position, please send a curriculum vitae, letter of intent, your veterinary school transcripts and 3 letters of reference to Starlee Smith at

If you have any questions regarding this program, please direct your inquiry to Starlee Smith at

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