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Updated Release on Rachel Alexandra’s Procedure and Current Condition

February 14, 2013-- After foaling Rachel Alexandra was closely monitored by Stonestreet Farm employees as well as Rood & Riddle veterinarians. On Wednesday afternoon around 2:30 a change in her demeanor was noted and she was immediately rushed to Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital to undergo exploratory abdominal surgery to determine the cause of excess fluid in her abdominal cavity denoting an infection.


Surgery identified that the cause of the infection was a section of the small colon that had lost its blood supply due to an injury during foaling causing bacteria to be released into the abdomen. The damaged section of intestine was removed and extensive abdominal lavage was performed to remove inflammatory cells and bacteria. Due to the nature and the extent of the problem the surgery was long and technically demanding but recovery from anesthesia was uncomplicated.


Rachel Alexandra is currently receiving IV antibiotics, IV fluids, anti-inflammatory agents, IV nutrition and medications to counteract the effects of bacterial toxins. Medications are also being administered to aid in the prevention of scar tissue in the abdominal cavity. A standing abdominal lavage utilizing abdominal drains placed at surgery is also being performed several times a day.


Her condition is very serious but it is too early to give an accurate prognosis.


Dr. Brett Woodie (the attending surgeon on the case) said in his press conference this afternoon that she is doing "the best that can be expected”


Mercy Turano said...

Praying for your full recovery - keep up the fight Queen Rachel! Godspeed!

posted at 9:37 AM on Feb 18th 2013

marilyn jackson said...

My granddaughter was named after your Rachel and they got to meet each other on the farm!!we are all praying for a full recovery for such a wonderful ,gentle horse.

posted at 4:59 PM on Feb 15th 2013

Debbie Begg Allen said...

Thinking of you Rachel, prayers are coming your way from Houston. Sent by Debbie and Jr:sZub(retired trotter 31 yrs old) We are both thinking of you

posted at 4:56 PM on Feb 15th 2013

sandra thoms said...

sending healing thoughts your way!!

posted at 4:00 PM on Feb 15th 2013


posted at 10:46 AM on Feb 15th 2013

marilyn jackson said...

Rachel has shown the world that we believe in prayer! May God bless and keep her safe!XOXO to her.

posted at 10:41 AM on Feb 15th 2013

Jan said...

Have been searching for news on Rachel this morning, and hoping that "no news is good news."

Thank you Rood and Riddle for the excellent equine health care you are providing for our beloved Rachel Alexandra!! Will be praying for each of you as you care for her.

Continuing my prayers for Rachel Alexandra and sending her all my love!!

<b> We Love You, Rachel Alexandra!! </b>

posted at 10:38 AM on Feb 15th 2013

Carol Michael said...

May God's miracles come through for Rachel and everyone caring for her. Praying for all.

posted at 10:34 AM on Feb 15th 2013

marilyn jackson said...

I will continue to pray for Rachel.we all love her and wish for a speedy recovery. Bless her.

posted at 7:58 AM on Feb 15th 2013

Terri Zeitz said...

Thanks for keeping us posted.
Our love and prayers go out to Rachel.
I'm so glad that she is receiving such excellent care.
Thank goodness Queen Rachel lives in Ky where she can receive the best of care.

posted at 6:11 AM on Feb 15th 2013

Ofelia Lim said...

Thank you. I remember the glorious Rachel of the track that retired sound and at the peak of her beauty. This will not conquer her. She will win this one, too.

posted at 10:22 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Mary M. said...

Prayers for Rachel's full recovery.

posted at 9:42 PM on Feb 14th 2013

marilyn jackson said...

Please get well,Rachel! I love you!! Bless you. Xoxo

posted at 8:29 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Dawn Conrad said...

Sending you all our love and prayers in support of your efforts on behalf of our beloved Rachel. May God bless her with a full recovery. Thank you for keeping us informed.

posted at 7:52 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Raylene said...

Time for Rachel to POWERUP. You are in my prayers.

posted at 7:03 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Sandra Dowell said...

Prayers being sent to Rachel Alexandria!!!

posted at 7:02 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Rosemarie Cola said...

I have been a racing fan for decades and I have been thrilled to have witnessed Rachel's greatness and grit. Now she has to call on all her strength and heart to get back to her baby. Please, please beat this thing beautiful girl; we are all pulling for you!

posted at 6:39 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Jenny said...

Keeping you in prayers Rachel...stay strong and heal your baby needs you.

posted at 5:49 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Jenn said...

I'm praying hard for you Rachel. Please hang in there. You're a strong girl and well loved. Hugs to all her connections.

posted at 5:13 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Darren said...

May the power of the Holy Spirit keep you here with us now. We need you. Just believe then pray. Great job.

posted at 4:58 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Kathryn Baker said...

Dear Rachael, you are a great champion with a beautiful little daughter to care for, please get well quickly, we love you.

posted at 4:57 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Darren said...

May the power of the Holy Spirit keep you here with us now. We need you. Just believe then pray.

posted at 4:56 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Suzy said...

Prayers for you, beautiful Rachel, and your little one too.

posted at 4:46 PM on Feb 14th 2013

julia said...

Praying for your strength and healing Dear sweet Rachel ..thank you Jesus continue to watch over her and thank you to everyone involved in her care! Love you Rachel!

posted at 4:42 PM on Feb 14th 2013

EmilyW said...

Thank you very much for the prayers are with Rachel, her baby and all of her connections. We love you Rachel--keep fighting and God bless you!!!

posted at 4:42 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Skye said...

Such a strong lady with such an incredible will to win is not going to give up easily. This is likely your biggest race, and your fans are still waiting to see you win.

How's the foal?

posted at 4:36 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Carol said...

Everyone involved in her care is in my prayers. Thank you for the updates.

posted at 4:29 PM on Feb 14th 2013

EriNC said...

Unfortunately Rachel's foal will no longer be able to be with her. The foal has been given to a nurse mare. It would be bad for the baby to get the antibiotics and other meds they are giving Rachel. Add in the sutures and drains and it just isn't going to be possible for Rachel to nurse her baby.

posted at 4:27 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Olivia said...

Much love and prayers are being sent to you Rachel and many thanks to all the Doctors that involved with her care.

posted at 4:26 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Sue said...

Rachael you are a fighter, you can get through this. We are all praying for you to get well and have a speedy recovery. Lot's of love for you Rachael. God Bless...

posted at 4:22 PM on Feb 14th 2013

lobieb said...

Rachael you fought long and hard on the track and know that you will do the same now so you can go home and be with your baby. Praying for a speedy recovery sweet girl.

posted at 4:15 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Jan Stein said...

Thanks for the update. Continued
prayers, love, & support for Rachel.

posted at 4:15 PM on Feb 14th 2013

MK said...

Thank you.

posted at 4:15 PM on Feb 14th 2013

cheryl said...

God look after Rachel, make her strong. Prayers and love to her and all.

posted at 4:12 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Richard Skoglund said...

Thank you for your skills and update

posted at 4:11 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Celina said...

My prayers are with her, but she is a strong girl and hopefully she will surpass this and be herself in no time at all...

posted at 4:08 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Rose McCutcheon said...

Thank God, you Doctors were present, without immediate surgery, a great possibility of loss of life existed. I pray for a swift and un-eventfull recovery.
Give my love to Rachel..

posted at 4:04 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Sherri Steele said...

Praying that you will be as good as ever very soon. You are very much loved, dear Rachel.

posted at 4:03 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Casey Phillips said...

Thank you Stonestreet & Dr. Woodie for keeping us informed. Prayers are going out throughout the country for the recovery of this wonderful mare.

posted at 3:57 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Jan said...

Sending all my love and prayers for Rachel Alexandra!! God Speed, Rachel!!

posted at 3:56 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Andy said...

Lets hope for a speedy recovery #PrayForRachel

posted at 3:53 PM on Feb 14th 2013

Vickie Willmuth said...

Praying for a full and speedy recovery for Rachel Alexandra and thanking the good Lord for the vets/surgeons/staff of Rood and Riddle.

posted at 3:52 PM on Feb 14th 2013

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