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Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital is open 24 hours for emergencies. Emergencies should be called in before arriving at the hospital. Please use the main hospital number when calling with an emergency. Emergencies are admitted by the on-call veterinarians.

Appointments are required for all visits. Non-emergency appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday with each doctor"s service. Referrals are not required to schedule appointments. Upon arrival, all horses must be checked in at the admissions office before unloading. Please do not unload without permission.

Our veterinarians also offer consultation opinions based on ultrasound or radiograph images sent to us, or from a thorough discussion with your regular veterinarian about his/her findings. These opinions are available for you and your veterinarian to use to determine the need for a surgery/treatment therapy, or career decisions for your horse. Consultation fees are sometimes applicable.

Not all situations can be determined or diagnosed by diagnostic images alone and a physical or lameness exam may be required for our veterinarians to give you an opinion on your horse's prognosis for future competition or use. Also, please understand that even with a detailed written history of your horse's medical condition, It may not be possible for us to make medical decisions or recommendations without actually examining the horse. If you need a thorough diagnostic examination of your horse, we would be happy to schedule an appointment for you.

Appointments may be scheduled Monday through Friday by calling us at 859-233-0371. You may also submit the form below to the administrative assistant of the doctor you wish to schedule an appointment with. Consultation fees are sometimes applicable.

Phone Number
Ambulatory Department
Mary Yozwaik
Internal Medicine
Whitney Mathes
Podiatry Department
Ronda Palmer
Reproductive Specialties
Mary Yozwiak (for Drs. Bradecamp, Schnobrich, and Scoggin)
Rebecca Dotson (for Drs. Garrett, Ruggles, and Woodie)
Elizabeth McCutcheon (for Drs. Embertson and Latimer)
Miranda Roth (for Drs. Hopper and Tanner)
Jen Wolery (for Dr. Bramlage)
Note: Dr. Bramlage is not taking new Clients