Internship Program

We are accepting applications for internships in Lexington, Saratoga, and Wellington for the 2023-2024 internship year.  
Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital (RREH) veterinary internship program was established in 1986.  Our Lexington ambulatory internship program began in 1998.  Additionally, our Saratoga Springs practice started an internship program in 2013 and our Wellington practice in 2017.   The Lexington practice currently offers nine hospital focused and five ambulatory internships. In addition, RREH in Saratoga offers four hospital-focused internship positions, and RREH in Wellington offers three hospital-focused internship positions.
 The internship positions are intended to provide each intern with the foundation they need to confidently enter private practice or pursue further training in a residency program.
The interns are encouraged to participate in retrospective studies based on the RREH caseload.  Many interns have presented the results of these studies at the AAEP, ACVS, ACVIM, and SFT symposiums and other national meetings. Those who have completed our internship program are welcome back to fulfill parts of their specialty board requirements at RREH if needed.

What Our Interns Do

Hospital Interns

Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital offers a 53-week in-hospital internship with a primary focus on surgery (upper airway, gastrointestinal, orthopedic, urogenital), lameness, emergency medicine, internal medicine, and anesthesia.  Interns can obtain more experience in specific areas of interest due to a tailored rotation schedule from January-May.  There are nine internship positions available to qualified applicants, with the goal of providing a solid foundation for application to a residency program or entering private practice.

The hospital staff at Rood & Riddle includes seven board-certified surgeons, five board-certified internists, one board-certified anesthesiologist, and a consulting board-certified ophthalmologist.  Other specialists in the practice include a board-certified equine dentist, three board-certified theriogenologists, and four podiatrists.  The busy caseload and number of clinicians provide diverse mentorship and a unique internship experience not available elsewhere.  After-hours emergency duty is shared between specialists, and interns provide assistant surgeon, anesthesia, and technical support after-hours.  All treatments, including after-hours and holidays, are performed by technicians. 

The imaging modalities in our hospital include High-field MRI, standing and general anesthesia CT, nuclear scintigraphy, PET scanner, digital radiography, and ultrasound.  The images created are read by a board-certified surgeon or internist.  Other specialty therapies and facilities include an on-site stem cell lab, IRAP, shockwave, and neonatal intensive care. 

Outgoing interns and incoming interns are staggered to provide overlap and experience as the incoming class gets settled and trained. 

    About the area:

    Lexington, KY, is hailed as the horse capital of the world. Rood and Riddle has provided the highest level of care to the area since 1986. Lexington’s downtown is within a ten-minute drive of the hospital campus and has a vibrant dining scene with several local craft breweries.  The University of Kentucky, the Kentucky Horse Park, and Keeneland Racetrack are within fifteen minutes of the hospital. 

    Ambulatory Interns

    The ambulatory interns work primarily with a senior ambulatory mentor but assist and shadow other practitioners. The ambulatory interns provide herd health to our ambulatory clients and help with reproductive evaluations and treatments, neonatal and foal evaluation and treatment, lameness and pre-purchase exams, sales radiographs, and evaluations. Interns are involved with our emergency service and rotate on emergency duty for the ambulatory practice. Opportunities to follow field cases into the hospital are always available, and interns are encouraged to work with clinicians in their areas of interest.  The ambulatory internship is designed to expose the intern to a large and variable caseload with the goal of establishing solid diagnostic skills and critical thinking in a field setting.  Exposure to a large group of experienced clinicians in all equine disciplines will facilitate a broader knowledge base and serve as a resource and referral base in the future.

    Worldwide Recognition

    Since the internship program commenced, 316 veterinarians have completed the program as of this update (February 2020).  We have had 234 people who have completed the hospital internship, 81 people have completed the ambulatory internship, 5 people have completed the podiatry internship and 13 people have completed the medicine fellowship.

    Our interns have been a diverse group, having come from nearly every veterinary school in the United States, 5 veterinary schools in Canada and the Caribbean and from 13 other foreign veterinary schools. Following the Rood & Riddle experience, our interns have contributed to equine veterinary medicine by filling positions in private practice, universities, industry and the military. 

    Many interns have pursued residency training and become board certified specialists. RREH intern alumni have earned diplomate status from 9 AVMA specialty colleges and one European specialty college. A total of 99 previous interns have passed a specialty board exam, with 16 passing more than one exam.  This includes the following specialty colleges with number of board certified intern alumni:

    • ACVS - 61
    • ACVIM - 20
    • ACVECC - 7
    • ACVSMR - 9
    • ACT - 4
    • ACVR - 4
    • ABVP - 3
    • ACVA - 2
    • ACVO - 3
    • ACVD-Eq - 1
    • ECVS - 3
    • ECVS & ACVS - 2





    Recommended by Our Past Interns

    When asked if they would recommend the internship to others with similar career goals, 90% of our former interns in a recent survey listed a positive or strongly positive response. When asked whether the internship was consistent with its description on the RREH website a 96% positive or strongly positively response was received.
    The results of this survey support the goals and intent of our internship programs. The experiences gained during the first year out of school provide an important foundation upon which to build your career. Contact information for our past interns can be provided upon request.



    • Health and Vision Insurance offered through a preferred provider with company premium share – available on start date
    • Long Term Disability and Term Life Insurance provided at RREH expense (after 90 days)
    • Dental, Life, Short Term Disability, Cancer and Accident Insurance available at employee expense – available on start date
    • Professional dues/licensing fees
    • CE stipend for a national meeting, including travel, meals, and registration fees
    • 1 week vacation, taken during the slower months in cooperation with your internmates
    • 1-2 weekends off, taken during the slower months in cooperation with your internmates

      For specific details on salary, benefits and additional information, please contact Alanna Mathes, intern coordinator or see our internship program listing posted in Avenues on the American Association of Equine Practitioners website

    How to Apply

    Internships are for one year and run from June to June. Applications are accepted starting June 1st of each year. The application deadline falls in October for internships beginning the following year in May/June. Please contact Alanna Mathes for exact date. Notification of acceptance is on or before October 31. If you have any questions regarding this program or would like to apply for a hospital or ambulatory internship position, please send a curriculum vitae, letter of intent, your veterinary school transcripts and three letters of reference to Alanna Mathes at