The Kenny Rice Horse Racing Show Vet Check with Dr. Deborah Spike-Pierce

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Julie Krone tells us what it’s like to compete as a woman in a predominantly male sport, how racetracks have grown to accommodate female jockeys better, and shares tales of camaraderie with her fellow jockeys.
For the Rood & Riddle Vet Check, Dr. Deborah Spike-Pierce discusses her history with the hospital, including how she became the first female shareholder and eventually the current President and CEO. Dr. Spike-Pierce also describes the role she plays and some differences in evaluating the radiography of Standardbreds and Thoroughbreds at sales.
Kenny Rice discusses with superstar agent Ron Anderson about why he decided to relocate his client, jockey Joel Rosario, to Florida while the Santa Anita racetrack prepares to re-open for training and racing. He also provides an insight as to why so many tragic deaths occurred at the track since the start of the year.
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