Rood & Riddle’s name is synonymous with outstanding surgical expertise. Our board certified surgeons are among the most respected in the world both for their skills and their development of innovative procedures, techniques and advances in equine surgery. The sophisticated equipment and the latest in technology in the surgical suites, anesthesia rooms, recovery stalls and treatment rooms enable our surgery staff to achieve superior results in soft-tissue and orthopedic cases.

Internal Medicine

Rood & Riddle’s Internal Medicine department is staffed by world-renowned experts in equine medicine and supported by a state-of-the-art facility with the most advanced equipment for providing diagnosis and supportive care.

Equine Podiatry

The Equine Podiatry Center combines a staff of skilled veterinarians and farriers with advanced diagnostics including digital radiography, MRI, and video gait analysis to provide the optimum in foot care.

Ambulatory Services

Rood & Riddle relies on its ambulatory-care practitioners to provide a wide range of services on the clients’ premises. Ambulatory services include wellness care, sales prep, assistance to buyers and sellers at major sales, alternative therapies (acupuncture and chiropractic), dentistry, radiography and ultrasound, reproductive services, sport horse, horse show and event coverage.

The ambulatory practitioners are based from the hospital facility with a dedicated pharmacy supply area and administrative office.

LeBlanc Reproduction Center

Rood & Riddle provides the most advanced reproductive medicine in the field. Rood & Riddle established the LeBlanc reproductive center for specialized procedures for mares and stallion which is staffed by board-certified theriogenologists.

The LeBlanc Reproduction Center was named after Michelle LeBlanc, DVM, DACT, our dearly beloved colleague who died in 2013. Dr. LeBlanc was a widely respected practitioner, professor, mentor, researcher, leader and cherished friend. Her legacy lives on throughout the world of equine reproduction, and certainly in the theriogenology team at Rood and Riddle.

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging is an exciting, rapidly evolving sector of equine medicine. Using non-invasive techniques, we are able to visualize nearly every structure in the equine body. Fifty years ago, obtaining this type of highly detailed information was not possible. We are now able to make specific diagnoses of problems, find these problems earlier, and treat horses with more targeted therapies. Ultimately, this allows us to keep horses leading healthy, pain-free lives for longer.


The capability of comprehensive, reliable laboratory test results is a vital function of the continuous care provided at Rood & Riddle. To that end, our laboratory continually adds new tests and services to its laboratory roster to enable us to perform most lab work in-house. That roster includes hematology, blood gases, serology, serum chemistry, bacteriology, mycology, cytology, parasitology, endocrinology, and Coggins testing.