Rood & Riddle offers digital radiography (DR) both in the hospital and on farms with state of the art Canon panels.  The DR units consist of a detector (panel) which collects the image.  The image is then transferred internally to a preliminary viewing unit where it can be reviewed immediately.  The veterinarian can examine, manipulate, and optimize the image, sometimes allowing preliminary diagnoses to be made stall-side.  Images are then uploaded to a central server and workstations with high resolution monitors and specialized image viewing software is used to make final diagnoses.

Rood & Riddle can provide the benefits of digital radiography to our ambulatory clients in the field.  The advent of portable digital radiography has also allowed us to radiograph areas of the body such as the thorax, proximal limb, and cervical spine that were previously impractical to radiograph in the field. 

In combination with the powerful x-ray generators used in the hospital, Canon wireless DR panels expand our diagnostic abilities even further.  The CXDI-70C Canon panel was introduced for human use in late 2010 and Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital was the first site of veterinary application of this panel. This technology enables veterinarians to image the entire equine spine, including the thoracolumbar region, an area that historically veterinarians have been unable to image well. We are able to obtain high-quality radiographs of the pelvic region in some standing horses without the risk of general anesthesia in cases of suspected pelvic fractures.