Equine Podiatry

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Skilled Veterinarians and Farriers

The Equine Podiatry Center combines a staff of skilled veterinarians and farriers with advanced diagnostics including digital radiography, MRI, and video gait analysis to provide the optimum in foot care. Rood & Riddle Equine Podiatry offers corrective shoeing for problems such as navicular syndrome, club feet, soft tissue injuries, pedal osteitis, and angular limb deformities in young horses and also medical treatment and management of serious hoof conditions such as laminitis, hoof/coffin bone infections, puncture wounds, white line disease and canker. Our farriers design and make therapeutic shoes, pads, and boots to fit changing foot conditions as well as custom-fit braces for surgical patients.

The Equine Podiatry Center has 2 treatment areas, 3 holding stalls, and a fully outfitted farrier shop. The treatment area is equipped with hoists to support severe laminitis cases in a sling, when necessary. In addition to seeing patients at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital on an appointment basis, our equine podiatry team also provides ambulatory service to farms and offers expertise in the areas of disease and conditions of the equine foot, performance horse hoof problems, sales preparation and breeding stock management, developmental problems in young horses and assistance in establishing preventive hoof-health programs. By request, the podiatrists will travel nationally and internationally for consultations, or to give clinics/presentations. Our equine podiatry department also regularly travels to Ocala and Wellington, Florida to see appointments. Our Saratoga hospital has a full time podiatrist on staff.

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