Internal Medicine

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World-Renowned Experts

Rood & Riddle’s Internal Medicine department is staffed by world-renowned experts in equine disease and supported by a state-of-the-art facility with the most advanced equipment for providing diagnosis and supportive care.

The core of the internal medicine department is its ICU and Neonatal unit which is designed for around-the-clock observation and treatment of critical patients and equipped to provide respiratory and parenteral support to critical care neonates. There is also a dedicated wing for internal medicine patients and an isolation facility staffed and equipped to meet the challenges of infectious disease and support critically ill horses. The clinicians use the advanced diagnostics and on-site laboratory to quickly diagnose and closely monitor their patients’ condition. One of their greatest assets is the skilled and dedicated nursing staff who provides patients with attentive care and comfort.

In addition to board certification in internal medicine and veterinary practice, our clinicians have focus areas of interest in neonatology, neurology, and respiratory therapy.