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Advanced Reproductive Medicine

Rood & Riddle provides the most advanced reproductive medicine in the field. In 2002 Rood & Riddle created a reproductive center for specialized procedures for mares and stallions which is staffed by board-certified theriogenologists. Under the direction of our theriogenologists the reproduction center has expanded with the addition of a 200 acre farm, 10 minutes from the Georgetown Road location. This facility serves as the home for our recipient mare herd and stallion complex. With this expansion we are able to provide specialized treatment of infertile mares and administer advanced reproductive techniques such as embryo transfer and oocyte harvesting. The complex also contains a stallion barn and associated breeding shed. This facility allows us to stand stallions for our clients either commercially or privately. We are capable of breeding via live-cover or collecting semen for artificial insemination. In addition, we are an affiliate lab of Select Breeders Services, and thus capable providing comprehensive semen freezing services, including international distribution of frozen semen.

In 2013 the reproduction center was renamed The LeBlanc Reproduction Center in honor of Michelle LeBlanc, DVM, DACT, our dearly beloved colleague who passed away. Dr. LeBlanc was a widely respected practitioner, professor, mentor, researcher, leader and cherished friend. Her legacy lives on throughout the world of equine reproduction, and certainly in the theriogenology team at Rood and Riddle.

To meet the needs of the growing sport horse community, Rood & Riddle has established a recipient mare herd for use in embryo transfer. Recipient mares are available to clients with a signed contract. A .pdf of the contract is available below. Please contact the hospital for more information at 859-233-0371 or by email at repro@roodandriddle.com

Our Theriogenologists provide uterine biopsy interpretation services to veterinarians. Tissue samples should be sent with the endometrial biopsy report form available below, with tissue preferably in Bouins fixative.

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Below are ICSI contracts for facilities with whom we have an established relationship; however, we are happy to accommodate clients who wish to work with facilities other than those listed below for ICSI procedures.