Christine Bartley


Dr. Bartley is originally from Derby Kansas, which is right outside of Wichita, and did both her undergrad studies and veterinary school at Kansas State. Growing up with both parents as music teachers, her love for music has continued throughout her life.   While she was in college, she played the mellophone in the marching band and loved being able to attend all the K State games.  She still enjoys playing piano and guitar.

Dr. Bartley’s love of horses started at a young age, she grew up showing her Morgan horse, Promise to Command, who she calls Tyler, in saddleseat classes.  They are still a team and he is the ripe old age of 29!

Dr. Bartley currently lives at one of the local Thoroughbred farms.  She attends all their foalings and is responsible for their afterhours emergencies.  During the day she works with the theriogenology team at the hospital and has started doing reproduction for local Morgan, Warmblood, and Thoroughbred farms. 

During her spare time, she likes to eat, hike, walk her Boston terrier, Plum, and go trail riding on Tyler.


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